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We have collected a number of links (well, rather a lot really) and arranged them in categories as listed above. These links have been suggested by our members or guests visiting our web site.

Please feel free to yourself. If you find a link here that is broken, please about it and we will try to get it corrected. If the site has been taken down, the link will be deleted.

We do hope that you will find these links useful and informative.
Also visit our main Music page for more links and information.
Local Bands
  Caliban - Euro-Celtic. Regulars at Scruffy Murphy's.

The Fox on the Town A new band playing for ceilis, set dances, contra dances, pub gig, weddings, wakes and more.

Tipsy House - A fine trad band that plays for the dancing at the Plough and the Stars twice each month.

The Waybacks - It may be a stretch to list these fine musicians under Celtic, but their unique style flows from the headwaters of Irish music. They characterize their style as "acoustic mayhem." Regulars in Austin TX and at the Plough and Stars, San Francisco. Great guitar riffs, lyrics, and Blue Grass roots (no pun intended).
Web Radio
  Irish Radio - This website lists Irish Radio by state for the USA. You get a complete list of all the websites that stream programs for Irish Traditional music.

Connemara Community Radio - Streaming program direct from Connemara to you.
Resources - A website hosted by our own Michael Duffy that many resources for the beginning musician. - A comprehensive Anglo concertina & Irish music news and information site hosted by Paul Schwartz.

Ceolas and IrishNet at Stanford University - Irish communities and resources around the world. IrishNet is located on the Ceolas server. Provides an online directory for all kinds of Irish connections in the US - cultural and social groups, pubs, import shops, official bodies.

Traditional Celtic Music In The Bay Area - An event and music site maintained by Jim Scarff. The Calendar of upcoming events is updated several times a month. The new CDs and What I'm Listening To pages are updated about once a month.

Gentraige Celtic Music - A good resource site maintained by The Pub Scouts, a Chico-based Celtic band. This site provides a calendar of musicians visiting this area. Chico is a venue for many Irish traditional musicians and you'd be surprised at the roster of famous legends who visit here.
Uilleann Pipes
  San Francisco Pipers' Club - Dedicated to the playing and advancement of the Irish uilleann pipes. Home of the West Coast Tionól on odd numbered years, the latest being the 2001 Tionól. (Pronounced "chin-ole." Better yet, ask a piper to say it.)

Seattle Pipers' Club - Home of the West Coast Tionól on even numbered years, the latest being the 2000 Tionól.

Paddy Keenan's website - Extensive site and personal glimpse into Paddy's playing and discography. Great MP3 music clips and picture gallery.

Chris Langan Weekend - This is part of the Langan-Gorman CCE branch in Toronto. Every year a pipers weekend and workshop is held in honor of piper Chris Langan. This is another place where the great pipers of the world hang together.
Singing Back to Top
  Singing Lessons - Eleonor England is a singing teacher.  In addition to her teaching, she is an experienced soloist. She has also directed several choral groups and taught piano, theory, ear-training, eurhythmics and general musicianship. You can contact Eleanor at (415) 740-4475
Festivals Back to Top
  Harvest Moon Celebration - Greeley Hill, California.

Alaska Irish Music Festival -
Visit our dancing page for a complete list of step dancing schools in the area..

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  setdancingnews - Set Dancing news worldwide. This site is maintained by Bill Lynch. - Full details of Irish Céilí Bands, Irish Céilí and set dancing events in Ireland and abroad; Irish Céilí event organizers and set dancing news. The site has its roots in Set Dancing.

Claddagh Dance Company - Southern California's Premier Dance Company offering Irish Dancing Classes, Shows, Choreography and more. 

Celtic Traditions - A very brief summary of the various types of Irish dance.
Art Back to Top
  Book of Kells - project at Trinity College, Dublin. Visit the website to view stunning examples of early Irish scribing and illumination.

Celtic Knot Program by Steve Abbott - A Visual Basic program you can download and install on a PC running Windows. It lets you create 2D and 3D Celtic knots in an array of styles and colors.

The Celtic Art Coracle - A design magazine. Web site by Aidan Meehan. Aidan Meehan is an artist who creates intricate panels that resemble ancient illuminations. Please do not reuse any of the images on this site without permission. They are all copyright of the artists who created them. Ask first! [A coracle (from the Welsh gwrwgl) is a small one-person boat like the one seen in the movie Roan Innish. Coracles date back thousands of years.]
Performing Arts Back to Top
Comhaltas - CCE Worldwide, CCE North America Back to Top
  CCÉ Dublin - The Comhaltas World headquarters website with links to branches worldwide, archives and other information.

CCÉ North America - The official website for the North American Province, a bit out of date.

CCÉ Overview and Branch Links - The page on this website where you can find information about the Cooley-Keegan branch, and you can follow links to the other North American branches.

Organisations Back to Top
  The Shamrock Traditional Irish Music Society, Inc. - Is based in Connecticut USA, founders of Acoustic Concert Series.

Irish Network of Northern California - The Irish Network was founded in 1986 in order to promote business networking among people who share Irish interests.

Pubs & Venues Back to Top
  The Plough and The Stars - Considered to be San Francisco's most important venue for Irish traditional music. Sunday evening and Tuesday night sessions. Set dancing usually every Thursday night to either the Shannon Ceili Band or Tipsy House.

The Blackthorn Tavern - Culann's Hounds' home in San Francisco.

The Freight & Salvage Coffee House (Berkeley Society for the Preservation of Traditional Music) is a nonprofit arts organization dedicated to promoting public awareness and understanding of traditional music. Tel: 510/548-1761 Email:

Johnny Foley's Irish House  Good music and some of the best Irish food in San Francisco.

Duffy's Tavern in Chico CA. An important venue for visiting talent and for the excellent Pub Scouts céilí band.

O'Neill's Irish Pub in San Mateo CA.

Murphy's Irish Pub in Sonoma CA.

Ireland's 32 in San Francisco, CA

The Starry Plough - 3101 Shattuck Avenue, Berkeley (510) 841-2082.

The United Irish Cultural Center - 2700 45th Avenue, San Francisco (415) 661-2700.

Wayne & Sues House Concerts - House Concerts in Cupertino.

Immigration Back to Top - This is a very busy site.

The Irish Immigration Pastoral Center - (IIPC in San Francisco) Established in 1997, the Irish Immigration Pastoral Center is a self-help organization run by and for immigrants. The Center provides a number of professional services for immigrants in San Francisco and the surrounding California area. The Center is funded almost entirely by the community in the area. Click here if you would like to be included in the IIPC mailing list.
General Resources Back to Top  - Site dedicated to providing as many free resources and as much free information about the Emerald Isle as possible. The Site is owned and run by Michael Green in collaboration with a variety of other helpful contributors who supply coats of arms graphics, artwork, free newsletter articles, literature and history resources, as well as a wealth of advice.  - Large general Irish information website. Large dance section.
Publishers & Retailers Back to Top
  Cló Iar-Chonnachta is a prolific publishing company based in Ireland. Since its foundation in 1985, CIC have published over 200 books in the Irish language, over 150 cassettes and 40 CD's.

Irish Emigrant Publications - Irelands longest established Internet publishing company.

Custy's Traditional Music Shop - Situated in the mid-west town of Ennis, Co. Clare. 

Lark in the Morning - The music store that has a world of weird and not so weird instruments, CDs, books, etc. It's also where you can find out about the famous Lark in the Morning music camp.

The World of Celtica - US-based, Traditional and Contemporary Irish and Celtic CDs, Tapes & Videos.

CeltiCottage - A whole lotta Celtic stuff - dance supplies, jewelry, music, and more!

Whistle & Drum - Qualtiy Penny Whistles & Bodhrans. Also carries a large selection of tunebooks and tutorials.

News Papers Back to Top
  The Irish Herald - The newspaper of the Irish community on the U.S. West Coast. Eleven issues per year, published monthly (except combined January and February issue) by THE IRISH HERALD/THE NEW IRISH GAEL. Free copies available throughout the Greater Bay Area and various Western U.S. locations.
For a complete list of where to find the Irish Herald go here.
Contact (415) 665-6653 for subscription information.

The Irish Times - The portal site from The Irish Times, which forms a platform worldwide for news, information, and services for anybody interested in Ireland and things Irish.

Free Email. The Irish Times offers a free email accounts. Anyone can sign up for a free email account. Your email address will look like "" The email interface provided is a thousand times better than Yahoo or Hotmail, and as with Yahoo or Hotmail, you can access your web email account from any computer that is connected to the Internet.

Boston Irish Reporter - Direct from Boston, Massachusetts U.S.A.

Irish Echo - Founded in 1928. Large circulation Irish-American newspaper.

Irish Voice - Online edition of popular East Coast-based paper. Updated every Wednesday morning, EST time. Sports and entertainment are updated every Thursday.

Irish America - Is the sister publication of Irish Voice.

Irish Abroad - Huge gateway to global news. Linked up with Irish Voice and Irish America.

Misc. Back to Top
  Virtual Pub - Thomas Sleckman's video clips of dancing and music at various pubs. Check it out.

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