The Irish music scene here in San Francisco is very active. There are seisiúns nearly every night of the week, and with that much going on there is certainly something for everyone.

Since 2002, members have been participants in a Bay Area singing seisiún. The first one had seen about a dozen people in attendance, and it has been growing ever since. We are delighted to have some very talented people attend this, and we are treated to stories (in Irish and English), sean nos singing and just great tunes. This event is happening on the first Friday of nearly month, hosted by individuals throughout the Bay Area. Check our singing seisiún page for locations.

San Francisco is also home for many fine Irish Bands, and we have had the good fortune to have most of them play for our dances and ceílís. Several bands play for us at The Plough and Stars on a regular basis including Western Shore/Avalanche, Sourdough Ceílí Band, Golden Gate Ceílí Band and O'Loney Tunes.