Junior Seisiún

Please note that the junior seisiún at the Ireland's 32 is no longer going. This page is left up for reference only.

The junior seisiún at Ireland's 32 is a great place for budding Iirsh musicians of all ages to get a feel for playing tunes in a place that is forgiving, low pressure and fun. Apart from playing the tunes considerably slower than usual (between ½ and ¾ speed), the junior seisiún often works from a selected core group of tunes over time, and often makes written scores of the tunes available to those who want to use them. The intent is to assist beginning players to get familiar with some standard tunes, to learn to play from memory, and to learn to play in a seisiún environment, so they can make the transition to regular seisiúns.

Our 'core' tune list features mp3 recordings and gif images of some of the tunes.