Singing Seisiún

A monthly singing seisiún happens on the First Friday of the month. Generally, singing starts at 8:00pm unless otherwise specified. The locations vary.

The songs that we sing are generally Irish in origin, but we have had from time to time sung Scots, Welsh, and Cape Breton tunes. We also have some wonderful story tellers, sean nos singers, and poets in our group.

We have put together a set of standard songs in this book which you are welcome to print out. One of our regulars, John Hopkirk, also has a songbook we use. Or feel free to bring new songs!

Singing Seisiún Schedule - 2019

Date Host Location
January 4th John Hopkirk San Carlos
February 1st Michael Jones San Carlos
March 1st Susan Keith Mountain View
April 5th Maureen Murphy San Francisco
May 3rd Mairtin Mac An Ghoill Menlo Park
June 7th Tracey Tynan & Marie San Francisco
July 5th John Hopkirk San Carlos
August 2nd Volunteer to host -
September 6th Bill & Peri Frantz Los Gatos
October 4th Cathy & Harold Jones Santa Clara
November 1st Patrick McEvoy Palo Alto
December 6th Imelda White Mountain View

Singing Seisiún Schedule - 2020

Date Host Location
January 3rd Mairtin Mac An Ghoill Menlo Park
February 7th John Hopkirk San Carlos
March 6th Connie Roberts Fremont
April 3rd Zoom (Michael Jones) Online
May 1st Zoom (Michael Jones) Online
June 5th Zoom (Michael Jones) Online
July 3rd Zoom (Michael Jones) Online
August 7th Zoom (Michael Jones) Online
September 4th Zoom (Michael Jones) Online
October 2nd Zoom (Michael Jones) Online
November 6th Zoom (Michael Jones) Online
December 4th Zoom (Michael Jones) Online

Most months, the seisiún is hosted in private homes and space may be limited. Refreshments are often provided by the host or are brought by the participants. To provide security we do not publicly post phone numbers and directions to hosts homes, the details for any seisiún are available only by contacting the host via e-mail or through subscribing to the singing mailing list.