The Cooley-Keegan Photo Gallery

Our photo gallery is divided in to four separate books and they are titled 'On The Road', 'Music in our Branch', 'Special Events' and 'General Things'. There are also a series of special topic books available here as well.

On The Road is dedicated to photos of our member's travel adventures. They include photos from member's personal trips, group trips to céilís hosted out of town and trips to the North American Conventions.
   Los Angles Samhain Céilí '02
   Milwaukee Set Dance Workshop '03
   NA Convention '03 - Boston
   NA Convention '03 - photos by Michael Jones
   NA Convention '05 (Ottawa) and trip to Ireland
   NA Convention '11 - San Antonio
   NA Convention '12 - St. Louis
   NA Convention '13 - Bethesda
   NA Convention '16 - St. Louis

Music in our Branch documents our musical events, workshops and seisiúns.
   Singing Seisiúns - photos by Michael Jones

Special Events for those special céilís and dances.
   Samhain Dancing '02
   Wren Boys '02
   St. Patrick's Parade '05 - photos by Michael Jones
   Wren Boys '06
   St. Patrick's Parade '10
   Wren Boys '11
   Wren Boys '13
   Wren Boys '14
   Wren Boys '15

General Things covers the 'every day' happenings in our branch; the weekly dances at the various venues, céilís and other events.
   Patty's Pics - Photos taken by Patty Hoyt
   Random Shots, page 1 - Random photos through the years
   Random Shots, page 2 - Random photos through the years
   Plough and Stars - March 27, '03 - Photos taken by Michael Duffy
   Plough and Stars - 9 August, '03
   CCÉ Night at UICC - July '05 - by MIchael Jones
   CCÉ Night at UICC - December '05

Special Topics deals with events or things that we wish to bring special attention to.
   Dave F's going away party - July '04 - photos by Michael Jones
   Angeline & William wedding - May '07
   Jonathan & Jenny wedding - September '07
   Art & Margaret wedding - March '08
   Harold's 85th birthday - September '12
   Cathy's 85th birthday - April '14
   Michael Duffy's 50th birthday - September '14
   Michael Jones' 50th birthday - September '15
   Martin & Janet wedding - September '15
   Patty & David wedding - October '16

If you have photos to contribute to the book, please send them along to me with the following information: date taken, venue / event and names of the people in the photo.